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On Friday, November 18, 2016, Lady Eve talks with All Things Considered host, Crystal Chavez about the new sound installation at Atlantic Center for the Arts. Watercolors in Sound is curated by Lady Eve, and is an exhibition sharing field recordings from the NSB Soundwalks, reinterpreted into a collaborative environmental narrative and visual journey.

Streaming live at 5:50pm via Spotlight on WMFE OrlandoArchived at WMFE Radio







watercolors in sound


In the autumn of this year, Atlantic Center for the Arts presented a series of soundwalks to compliment their community Arts and Wellness initiative. Each walk brought together people and their environment in an auditory tour. Soundwalks are meditative excursions that open awareness to both the health of the natural ecosystem, and to the health of each individual. They are inextricably linked. Our sense of hearing connects us directly to the reality of changing landscapes, habitats, and our everyday actions. Musician and naturalist, Bernie Krause has aptly noted, “While a picture may indeed be worth a thousand words, a natural soundscape is worth a thousand pictures.”

Watercolors in Sound is an exhibition sharing field recordings from the NSB Soundwalks, reinterpreted into a collaborative environmental narrative and visual journey, curated by Lady Eve. This sound installation runs throughout the month of December at Harris House.  An opening reception will take place on December 3, 2016 from 4-7 pm with a live performance sharing improvised ambient music and soundscape to create awareness of the local audio ecology. The visual presentation combines video, spectrograms, and a soundmap of the New Smyrna Beach environment to present a full spectrum experience that is unique and enlightening.

Atlantic Center for the Arts
NSB Soundmap



international women’s day

Proud to have my composition Arco de la Luna (written for International Women’s Day) included in two radio broadcasts by fellow female:pressure members

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MARCHING FOR UTOPIA – from pioneers*, border crossers*, networkers* in the fight for equality, visibility and recognition
Our special sound-text-collage for the international Womens*(Fight)Day is broadcasted tonight from 9-10 p.m. CET at Radio ORANGE 94.0
For this special occasion this show is compiled from the diverse queer-feminisit voices of the international network female:pressure and beyond.
Too all who identify as female, trans and queer or those who stand in solidarity keep up the attitude! March for utopia, not only today but everyday!


The Latest Score, hosted by Canary Burton


radio mexico resonante

Exclusive DJ set & guest host for RMX (Republic of Mexico) Radio’s premiere electronic program, Resonante with DJ Señor Robatero
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Broadcast LIVE on January 9th (9pm-12 midnight) in the Riviera Maya, Guadalajara, Querétaro, San Miguel y Celaya, Laredo, and streaming via RMX Radio


pan ambient turns 10

10 years ago, I had an idea to bring together an ever growing family of ambienteers that represented all the facets of ambient music around the globe. From drone and atmospheric soundings to slow beat and low end theory, our family grew and connected those of like-mind and an open heart for collaboration. It’s been a great ride, and I thank all those who have joined us over the years, and embraced the Way of The Gun(shae).

A big thank you to all the supporters who came to hear our pan ambient style live at the Abbey for our 10 year anniversary! Massive respect to Lifelike Family, No Parades, The OO Ray, wndfrm, Unrecognizable Now, Kuma, and Fax for believing in this project and dedicating energy to expanding the family and creative collaboration. Pix here

live a/v @ mutek mexico

Performance by Fax,  featuring Lady Eve

Sabado 5 De Octubre

Programa: Locación: Cine Tonalá
Hora: 14:00
Artistas: Mr.eddy + Realität (mx), Pulsu (mx) Plantae (mx), Antropotrip (mx), Fax (mx) con Lady Eve (ca), Incredible Bob + Woo (sr)
Boletos: Directo en la taquilla del Cine Tonalá: $100
Todas las edades

Mutek 2013

begin again ep – basic sounds

Spring 2013 release by Gunshae : Begin Again
via Basic Sounds Canada
Begin Again was originally performed and recorded at the Panambient Siesta in Cancun, Mexico. For basic_sounds, Lady Eve has taken the original recording and layered it with brand new live English Horn instrumentation, creating something entirely unique. basic_sounds is delighted to share this 78 minute artistic, dub ambient journey.

pan ambient siesta event











For its 8th year, the Pan Ambient event series goes south to provide that very special soundtrack to your evening siesta. This event has been connecting artists from around the globe since 2005, through collaboration in ambient electronic music and visual arts. Bringing together the finest that cities around the world have to offer in their artistic community, the revolution occurs from the horizontal position.  This year is no exception as The Konspiracy Group’s flagship ambienteers, Gunshae and Lady Eve perform alongside Nocturno En Azul.

More info via TKG

gunshae remixes fax










SEM Label releases the EP “Circles Remixed”, from Fax (Mexicali), featuring a remix by Gunshae (in addition to reworks by The Sight Below, Pocket Pet, Antiguo Autómata Mexicano, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, Microesfera and Loopdrop.

what is gunshae?

The Konspiracy Group’s Gunshae (pronounced Gun-shai) is the Panambient project of Canadian dubstep pioneer, Kuma, and renowned oboist and DJ, Lady Eve.

Bridging a gap between two very distinct contemporary practices, Gunshae is what happens when a classically trained musician and a veteran DJ and producer with a thing for improvising jam on the sound of stuff and things.

Gunshae is live ambience at its most beguiling, an exploration of the grey area between electronic and classical musics.

It’s molten woodwinds and Satie in dub. It’s heavy drones and show tunes played by a band sitting on a veranda with Wong Kar-Wai. It’s discrete music for the wifi generation.

Tossing aside classical music’s obsession with adherence to the written score and live electronic performance’s stereotype of one guy behind a laptop checking his email, both members of Gunshae have been known to start the show on stage and finish up in the audience. Gunshae are not your average sound art duo or ambient performance act.

Breaking down barriers between audience and performer, Gunshae is as happy in the chill out room as it is the art gallery or concert hall. Each performance is completely unique, site/audience specific and completely devoted to embracing the moment.

These are Cascadian lullaby makers, crafting soundtracks made for trans-continental smudged sunsets.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 1.13.30 PM

tkg music 007 : pan ambient dim sum








TKG007- V/A: Pan Ambient Dim Sum

With this second release in our series of compilations showcasing Pan Ambient events, we return to Vancouver and focus on the participants of the Pan Ambient Dim Sum who ask the simple question, what would Wong Kar Wai do?

Everything in this collection was either recorded live or is based off of music performed live at the Pan Ambient Dim Sum, held August 7th, 2011 at Blim in Vancouver.

Track listing:
1) Hong Kong Soap Operas : So Long Sibelius
2) Fieldhead : All Boxes
3) Fieldhead : Introductions (Blim Remix)
4) Gunshae : Tony, Maggie and Faye (Bristolian Uptown Winds)
5) Tomas Jirku : One Thousand And One Nights
6) Lady Eve : Lotus Land ft Graham Colin

Now available: Bandcamp

Hong Kong Soap Opera is the side project of Adrian Yee, guitarist in Vancouver math rockers, The Barcelona Chair. “So Long, Sibelius” is his refraction of looped bass and orchestral deliriousness through a kaleidoscope once owned by John Cage as a small child.

Fieldhead is P.Elam. He produces ambient/electronic music that delights in tape hiss, geography, bleak landscapes and decaying analogue loops. “All Boxes” and “Introductions (Blim Remix)” invoke the glorious peaks of Cascadia and Manchester via shimmering tones, a mysterious guitar and fractured synth pulses.

Gunshae is the Pan Ambient project of Kuma and Lady Eve, joined here as a quartet by Shawn Earle and Pari Kishi. “Tony, Maggie and Faye” is the soundtrack to what Wong Kar Wai dreams about at night, a drifting woodwind fantasia pinned down by a nagging bass riff, opiated vocals and an enveloping drone.

Tomas Jirku has been creating innovative techno since the late nineties and also enjoys fishing. “One Thousand and One Nights” takes it down a notch with a low-slung ambient dub excursion that invokes Muslimgauze as much as it does Basic Channel.

Lady Eve is the founder and curator of the Pan Ambient series. “Lotus Land” is her Cascadian anthem, a lush ambient piece reminiscent of cloud-watching on a summer’s day, lulled wax poetic while eating poppadums.