(Oboe, Turntables, Voice, Laptop, Field Recordings)

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(Solo Projects, Collaborations, & Remixes)
Oboist, Spoken Word & Poetry on Static Discos 080 LP: "Constellation" by Fax (Mexicali)
Oboe & English Horn on TKG Music 011 EP "The Sky Is a Gateway, Not a Ceiling" by Gunshae (Portland)
Oboist for TKG Music 010 V/A: Pan Ambient Angeles "Secret Name Pt. 1 & 2" by Gunshae (Canada)
Oboist on CSAF Records: Connect_icut Remix EP You Know Who Your Friends Are "Imperial Alabaster" by Gunshae (Canada)
Oboist for Indian Gold Records IGC001 EP: "The New Rage" by Fax (Mexicali)
Oboist for Pure Filth Sound: "Pathfinder" feat. RYAT remix by Gunshae (LA)
English Horn on basicsounds.ca bsc 032 EP: "Begin Again" by Gunshae (Canada)
Oboe & Flute on OHM Resistance 29m LP: "Out of Darkness...Light" by Gunshae (Brooklyn)
Oboist for SEM Label 016 EP: Fax - "Circles Remixed" remix by Gunshae (Mexicali/France)
Oboist on Panospria PAN 070 EP: "The Lost Cascadian Suite" by Gunshae (Seattle)
Solo Production of TKG Music 007 V/A: Pan Ambient Dim Sum “Lotus Land (feat. Graham Colin, Poetry/Vox)” (Vancouver/Melbourne/Cancún)
Oboist for Malicious DamageHFB : Pixel Junked OST Shooter “Come on Down” (London)
Solo Production of "Arco de la Luna" (Cancún)
Duo Production of TKG Music 003 Vinyl: Abunaii “Angels” (Vancouver)
Solo Production of TKG Music 002 V/A: Pan Ambient Bento “Meiji Sunbeams” (Vancouver)
Voice for Sub Swara: Alabaster Dub Chiming of Southern Belles remix by Kuma (UK)
Oboist for Hataken: “Quest with Goddess” (Tokyo)
Voice for Hataken, Gustavo Alberto Garcia VacaMasashi, Daisuke Fujiwara collaboration:”Fathomless Dreams” (Global)
Voice for Kim Cascone: “Madame Psychosis” based on the novel Infinite Jest (San Francisco)
Turntablist for Jen Mitchell's Soundscape No. 2 -  live performance with the GSU Percussion Ensemble (Atlanta)
Oboist on TKG Music 001 LP: “Traveling Without Memory" by Gunshae (Vancouver)
Oboist for OHM Resistance 019: “Blood of Heroes” remix project with Gunshae, Bill Laswell, Dalek, and more (Brooklyn)
Oboist for CSAF Records 104DL: The Acid Folk Remix Project “Christmas is Now Drawing Near” Gunshae Not Me Rmx (Vancouver)
Voice & Poetry for T Power: Music4Life Pt. 1 [Beta] “Pieces of a Dream” (UK)
Oboist with Lee Hutzulak (Vancouver)
Studio Oboist for Terrain (Atlanta)
Turntablist with Safari Sound System (Atlanta)


Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt 'Morning' (edit)
Sergei Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf (edit 1) (edit 2)
Gioachino Rossini: William Tell (edit)
Sergei Rachmanioff : Piano Concerto No. 2 - Allegro Scherzando (edit)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake (edit)
The Beatles: Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (edit)