Through music I’ve been guided to all corners of the globe, and am blessed with the immense fulfillment of sharing and creating in its diversity. Music is one of the most beautifully simple ways we can all enjoy and connect with each other. My creations would not be possible without the many collaborators and mentors who have helped me become the artist I am.” – Lady Eve

Classical oboist, radio broadcaster, DJ, sound artist, photographer – there are no boundaries where art lives. For decades, Lady Eve has continued to contribute to the sophisticated modern movement blending orchestral and electronic sound. Her solo music productions are available on TKG Music, and she has collaborated alongside many forward thinkers in electronic music, including Fax (Indian Gold Records/Static Discos/SEM Label), Hataken (Roland Tokyo), Kim Cascone (Anechoic Media), Dom Beken & Lx Paterson (Malicious Damage), Lee Hutzulak (Dixie’s Death Pool), Coin Gutter (VIVO), T Power (Digital Soundboy),  Jen Mitchell (Atlanta), and spoken word artists Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca (Los Angeles), and Graham Colin (New Zealand). As part of the ambient ensemble Gunshae, she has composed melodious orchestral drone and experimental oboe noises which have been released as full length records and remixes for artists including Pure Filth Sound, Ryat, Connect_icut, Submerged, Fax, and Grievous Angel.

info (at) ladyeve . ca