watercolors in sound


In the autumn of this year, Atlantic Center for the Arts presented a series of soundwalks to compliment their community Arts and Wellness initiative. Each walk brought together people and their environment in an auditory tour. Soundwalks are meditative excursions that open awareness to both the health of the natural ecosystem, and to the health of each individual. They are inextricably linked. Our sense of hearing connects us directly to the reality of changing landscapes, habitats, and our everyday actions. Musician and naturalist, Bernie Krause has aptly noted, “While a picture may indeed be worth a thousand words, a natural soundscape is worth a thousand pictures.”

Watercolors in Sound is an exhibition sharing field recordings from the NSB Soundwalks, reinterpreted into a collaborative environmental narrative and visual journey, curated by Lady Eve. This sound installation runs throughout the month of December at Harris House.  An opening reception will take place on December 3, 2016 from 4-7 pm with a live performance sharing improvised ambient music and soundscape to create awareness of the local audio ecology. The visual presentation combines video, spectrograms, and a soundmap of the New Smyrna Beach environment to present a full spectrum experience that is unique and enlightening.

Atlantic Center for the Arts
NSB Soundmap