Back in 2003, Annie Sloan of URB Magazine, said “I’ve seen the future”, when she described the musical journeys of Lady Eve.
After all these years, the music emanating from her speakers fill the spectrum with abstract beats, etherial atmospherics, and bass heavy groove.

Textura review of Gunshae’s 2015 EP release


Vice Magazine Noisey, Mexico (collaboration with Fax of Static Discos for the LP “Constellation”)


Interview with FNOOB Underground Radio Network, London

Resident Advisor mention for Pan Ambient Angeles & Pan Ambient PDX


Review for Pan Ambient Cascadia (held in conjuction with Seattle’s Decibel Festival) from Resident Advisor

Resident Advisor mention for Gunshae’s 2012 album, Out of Darkness…Light


Reviews of Gunshae’s 2012 LP release

 IncendiaryMagreviewOFDL TexturaReviewOFDL


Review for TKG Music in Vancouver’s Georgia Straight

Interview with The Atlanta Creatives Project

Urb DJ Mix Review

Pitchfork DJ Mix Review

Creative Loafing Atlanta mention: “Soundscape No. 2″ by Jen Mitchell, performed by Lady Eve (Nov. 18, 2006)

More Press…

Interviewed by:
CBC Radio 1 (Vancouver)
Detox Magazine (Atlanta)
Jive Magazine (Atlanta)
Lunar Magazine (Atlanta)
MusicWorks (Vancouver)
The Courier (Vancouver)
BPM Satellite Network (Global) (Vancouver)

Production reviews and acknowledgement:
Vice Magazine
Resident Advisor
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)
The Georgia Straight (Vancouver)
DOSE (Vancouver)
Terminal City (Vancouver)
West Ender (Vancouver)
Mtv Canada (National)